Animal City Gary Weston


Published: September 13th 2014



Animal City  by  Gary Weston

Animal City by Gary Weston
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These were exciting times in the fort. Twelve year old Tim Carson had never been in the city in the heart of Great Britain, only seeing from a distance. His father had told him how the three alien ships had crashed that night fifty years before and how the virus and the radiation from them had killed all but a few humans. Animals, both wild and those released from the many British zoos, roamed free to multiply. With the radiation and virus gone, it was time for people to reclaim their city. To do this, they first had to remove all the animals and build the fortifications to keep them out. Their skills with the crossbows meant Tim and his father played an important part in clearing the city.

But the animals were only one problem. Nobody knew what had happened to those aliens.Hi. I am often told in my reviews that I write for young adults. I dont actually write for any specific age of reader. However, with this book, I could, perhaps, accept that point of view.

I still feel and hope all ages will get something out of this story. Time will tell.

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